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World War I

Quiz by Jessica Thomas

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    Why did the United States enter World War I?
    The German submarine sank American ships.
    Great Britain needed America's ships because of the blockade from Germany
    Russia asked the USA for help
    France started killing American soldiers
  • Q2
    Germany, Austria-Hungary, the Ottoman Empire, and Bulgaria fought together during World War I. What was this alliance called?
    the Allied Powers
    the Axis Powers
    The Central Powers
    the European Alliance
  • Q3
    What event triggered the start of World War One?
    Germany sank five US ships
    The Treaty of Versailles was signed by thirty countries
    The archduke of Austria-Hungary was assassinated by a Serbian
    The USS Maine exploded
  • Q4
    Which of the following correctly lists four main causes that helped set the stage for the outbreak of World War I?
    militarism, alliances, imperialism, nationalism
    money, assassination, imperialism, negotiation
    money, alliances, isolationism, negotiation
    militarism, assassination, isolation, nationalism
  • Q5
    The Allied Powers won World War I. Which group of countries make up the Allied Powers?
    Greece, Italy, Germany, France, Japan
    Britain, United States, Russia, Italy, France
    Germany, Poland, Japan, United States
    Cuba, Japan, Spain, Britain
  • Q6
    What was the purpose of the League of Nationss
    to increase the number of troops in Europe
    to allow nations to join together to develop weapons
    to change nations' economic plans
    to allow nations a way to solve problems peacefully and avoid wars
  • Q7
    When United States troops entered World War I, what effect did they have on the war?
    The Allied Powers quickly gained a military advantage
    The Central Powers became energized
    The Germans decided to use poison gas for the first time
    There was more trench warfare
  • Q8
    Which is a true statement about the impact of World War I in the United States?
    all of the above
    Soldiers fighting overseas.
    Some women went to work in factories to take over jobs men had done.
    The government set up a Food Administration to encourage people to eat less and send food to soldiers.
  • Q9
    How did women contribute to the war effort?
    They helped fight in the trenches.
    They took over jobs left my men going to war.
    They did not do anything.
    They were drafted into the army and navy.
  • Q10
    European countries that belonged to alliances promised to:
    defend one another from attack
    trade only with each other
    help each other maintain political control of their country
    share military secrets and weapons with each other

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