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World War II

Quiz by Neysa Hodgson

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57 questions
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  • Q1
    Who was the leader of Britain during most of WWII?
    Winston Churchill
  • Q2
    What was the German air force called?
  • Q3
    British and French forces settled in at a string of steel-and-concrete bunkers along the German border with Belgium to Switzerland, what was it called?
    Maginot Line
  • Q4
    When Churchill and Roosevelt agreed to a post war world of democracy, non-aggression, free trade, economic advancement, and freedom of the seas, what was it called?
    Atlantic Charter
  • Q5
    What were the main extermination camps in Germany?
    Auschwitz and Treblinka
  • Q6
    What was the group in charge of buying equipment and signing contracts for war equipment?
    Army and Navy Munitions Board
  • Q7
    Where did Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin meet?
    Tehran, Iran
  • Q8
    What general did island hopping in the Pacific?
    Admiral Nimitz
  • Q9
    What general would retake the Philippines?
    General MacArthur
  • Q10
    What was the program to build an atomic bomb?
    Manhattan Project
  • Q11
    What bomber dropped an atomic bomb?
    Enola Gay
  • Q12
    What were the German polie called?
    Gestapo or SS
  • Q13
    Who was in charge of the Allied invasion at Normandy, France?
    General Dwight D. Eisenhower
  • Q14
    What was the Allied invasion of France?
    Operation Overlord
  • Q15
    After Hitler claimed Austria, what did he claim next?

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