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World War II Ch. 16

Quiz by Cam McLaughlin

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  • Q1

    What were the names of the laws that targeted Jews in Germany beginning in 1935?

    The Hitlerite Code 

    Mein Kampf

    The Nuremberg Laws

    The Semite Laws 

  • Q2

    Where did Stalin want the Allies to open up a second front?



    North Africa 


  • Q3

    What was the Blitzkrieg?

    The codename for the invasion of North Africa 

    Germany's  strategy of using armor, aircraft and infantry to overwhelm its enemies

    The Special of the day at Waffle House

    The Soviet's method of breaking the German code

  • Q4

    Where did the trials for the Nazi war crimes take place?

    Berlin, Germany 

    Washington, D.C. 

    Munich, Germany 

    Nuremberg, Germany

  • Q5

    The Japanese attack on which American base caused Roosevelt to ask for a declaration of war?


    San Diego 


    Pearl Harbor 

  • Q6

    What did Lt. Colonel James Doolittle do in 1942?

    Led a squadron of US bombers and bombed the city of Tokyo

    Was the first pilot to  fly into battle from an aircraft carrier

    Was the pilot of the plane that dropped the Atomic bomb on Hiroshima 

    Led the U.S. troops in their losing campaign at Corregidor 

  • Q7

    What crimes were the Nazi's charged with?

    stealing works of art from the Louvre in Paris and Trespassing in Denmark

    Loitering in Poland and exceeding the speed limit with the Blitzkrieg 

    Jaywalking in Paris and making rude noises on the radio 

    waging aggressive war and crimes against humanity

  • Q8

    What was the phony war?

    The war in North Africa before the Italians invade Egypt

    The period of inaction in the United States from 1939-41

    The period of inaction in Europe after the invasion of Poland in late 1939

    The War in the Pacific after Pearl Harbor but before Midway

  • Q9

    What was Operation Torch?

    The German Invasion of the Soviet Union 

    The Allied Invasion of Normandy France

    The Japanese Invasion of Manchuria 

    The Allied Invasion of North Africa 

  • Q10

    What were the Ghetto's 

    The name of the areas of Europe that had been annexed by the Nazi's

    The nickname given to the Japanese Empire 

    The large multifamily farms that Stalin used as collectives

    areas of Eastern European cities where Nazi's forced Jews to live in 

  • Q11

    Losing which battle in Russia put the Germans on the defensive for the remainder of the war?


    Trotsky City 



  • Q12

    What happened at Dunkirk in May of 1940?

    Charles Degaulle Goes into exile

    Hitler annexes Belgium and the Netherlands

    Allied troops were surrounded by the German army until rescued by the British ships

    Hitler makes a counterattack to break the supply lines of the British and American armies

  • Q13

    What process left Japan with only a small police force after the war?





  • Q14

    What did the emperor of Japan have to do after the war?

    Serve time in prison for war crimes 

    write I will not allow militarists to take over my country 500 times

    Abdicate the throne 

    Admit he was not divine 

  • Q15

    In which Pacific battle were carrier launched planes the only weapons used in a naval battle for the first time?

    Coral Sea 

    Iwo Jima 


    Pearl Harbor


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