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Write a linear equation from words

Quiz by Kimberly Holzman

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4 questions
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  • Q1
    Brandon and Meagan are planning their Thanksgiving dinner. They read that the turkey needs to be cooked for 25 minutes per pound plus an additional 40 minutes. If the Turkey weighs W lbs, which equation shows how to find the total cooking time in minutes (T)?
    T = 25W + 40
    T = 40W + 25
    W = 25T + 40
    T = 0.25W + 0.4
  • Q2
    Carmine paid an electrician x dollars per hour for a 5-hour job plus $70 for parts. The total charge was $320. Which equation can be used to determine how much the electrician charged per hour?
    (70-5)x =320
    5x = 320+ 70
    (70+5)x =320
    5x = 320 -70
  • Q3
    Mr. Chen bought x number of books for the members of his book club. The cost for x books, including $4.99 shipping, was $82.99. Each book cost $6.50. There was no sales tax on this purchase. Which equation could be used to find x, the number of books purchased?
    6.50x + 4.99 = 82.99
    4.99x + 6.50 = 82.99
    6.50(4.99 + x) = 82.99
    4.99(x + 6.50) = 82.99
  • Q4
    The perimeter of a rectangular garden is 70 feet. If the length of the garden is 18 feet, which equation can be used to calculate the width of the garden, w?
    2w + 18 = 70
    w + 18 = 70
    2(w + 18) = 70
    18w = 80

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