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WWI and Russian Revolution

Quiz by Maria Mahoney

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29 questions
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  • Q1
    What was the immediate cause of WWI in Europe?
    assassination of the heir to the throne of Austro-Hungarian Emprire
    attack on Poland
    start of civil war in Russia
    sinking of Lusitania
  • Q2
    Why was the Balkan region referred to as the Powder Keg of Europe?
    the area was a leading supplier of military equipment
    Yugoslavia was invading its neighbors
    the aggression of the Ottoman Empire disrupted the balance of power
    Nationalistic and Imperialistic rivalries were increasing.
  • Q3
    During WWI developments in military technology led to
    an increase in ethnic tensions in western Europe
    an early victory by the Allied powers
    the use of poisonous gas and submarine attacks
    the establishment of industrial capitalism
  • Q4
    One reason the League of Nations failed as a world organization was that it
    dealt with conflict by establishing naval blockades
    lacked a military force to settle conflicts
    supported the rise of fascist states
    encouraged the annexation of territory by force
  • Q5
    Which event brought about the breakup of the Ottoman Empire?
    Six-Day war
    Sino-Japanese War
    World War II
    World War I
  • Q6
    Woodrow Wilson's Fourteen Points influenced many colonial peoples in Asia and Africa to
    reject terrorism
    seek self-determination
    create military alliances
    extend extraterritoriatlity
  • Q7
    During World War I, which group of people were victims of genocide?
    Algerians in France
    Armenians in the Ottoman Empire
    Arabs in Egypt
    Palestinians in Syria
  • Q8
    Which event occurred first and led to the other three?
    World War I
    signing of the Treaty of Versailles
    Bolshevik Revolution
    rise of fascism
  • Q9
    Which statement explains the decline in unemployment rates in Great Britain between 1914 and 1918?
    WWI generated jobs at home in England and in the military
    Many new jobs were available in Britain's African colonies
    The British were buying huge amounts of war materials from the US
    Assembly line production of consumer goods required more workers
  • Q10
    The technology developed during WWI resulted in
    increased military casulaties
    a smaller number of refugees
    smaller nations becoming part of larger empires
    a slowdown in transportation improvements after the war
  • Q11
    Which statement best describes the relationship between WWI and the Russian Revolution?
    WWI created conditions in Russia that helped trigger a revolution.
    WWI gave the Czar's army the needed experience to suppress the Russian Revolution
    The Russian Revolution inspired the Russian people to win WWI
    WWI postponed the Russian Revolution by restoring faith in the Czar
  • Q12
    Which goals are most closely associated with the Russian Revolution?
    science, technology, and agriculture
    nationalism, democracy, and livelihood
    liberty, equality, and fraternity
    peace, land, and bread
  • Q13
    An incompetent government, massacres on Bloody Sunday and the high costs of WWI were causes of the
    Mexican Revolution
    Sepoy Mutiny
    Boxer Rebellion
    Russian Revolution
  • Q14
    One goal of the League of Nations was to
    bring WWI to an end
    encourage a strong alliance system
    promote peaceful relation worldwide
    stimulate the economy of Europe
  • Q15
    What is a major belief associated with Marxism?
    Private ownership of property should be expanded
    Peasants would gain control of overseas markets
    The proletariat (workers) would rise up and overthrow the bourgeoisie (owners)
    Religion should be more important than political forces

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