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WWI Homefront Quiz

Quiz by Michael Knickerbocker

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20 questions
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  • Q1
    In order to raise the needed military forces, the US
    Allowed women to fill all combat roles, previously being held by only men
    Paid each person that volunteered a huge bonus to join the military
    Forced all able bodied men to enlist in the military
    Created the Selective Service Act to have men register for the draft
  • Q2
    US soldiers in WWI were nicknamed
    Uncle Sam's boys
    The Red Soldiers
  • Q3
    What could you conclude was the main problem with the Treaty of Versailles?
    It was never signed by any of the allies so it never was legal
    It forced Germany to accept responsibility for the war and pay reparations
    It forced France to pay war reparations by ignoring Wilson's 14 points
    It forced Britain to pay war reparations by ignoring Wilson's 14 points
  • Q4
    Total deaths (Civilian and Military) from WW1 were around
    7 Million
    22 Million
    10 Milion
    15 Million
  • Q5
    The US government organization that controlled factory output increasing productivity by 20% during the war.
    War Industries Board
    Food Administration
    Fuel Administration
    Selective Service
  • Q6
    The goal of the Committee on Public Information
    Create a draft to get enough soldiers in teh fight
    Conserve food so soldiers had enough
    Get women to fight along side the male soldiers
    Propaganda to get a pro war message out to the public
  • Q7
    The picture below is asking people to
    Question Image
    Get people to leave and avoid the draft for war
    Dig trenches to fight in WWI
    Join the war
    Plant a "Victory" Garden
  • Q8
    What were the goals of the Espionage and Sedition acts?
    Get people to join the draft
    Get people to ration their goods for the war
    Make sure women and African Americans got opportunity in the workplace
    Made it illegal to speak out against the war
  • Q9
    African Americans fought in WWI in order to
    Get troops to finally be integrated
    Allowing African Americans to get the same treatment as white Ameircans
    they hoped by fightingin in the war in Europe they could gain more equality at home
    the War had no impact on African Americans because they were not allowed to join
  • Q10
    Women in America during WWI
    Were not allowed to work in factories with men
    Challenged views of what women could do
    Served in all combat units
    Were finally able to get educated like men
  • Q11
    Wilson's plan that he took to the Treaty negotiations to avoid future wars was nicknamed
    The Wilson plan
    14 points
    The Armistice Plan
    The treaty of Paris
  • Q12
    The organization that was part of Wilson's plan, that was meant to keep peace by allowing nation's to talk through issues.
    The Versailles meeting
    The League of Nations
    The United Nations
    The Justice League
  • Q13
    What reasons did Germany have to surrender during WWI?
    They were out of money and available people to fight
    They no longer had the people's support and their partner Great Britain asked them to resign
    They never surrendered
    They lost their partner when Russia left the war and they were low on ammunition
  • Q14
    Germany had to pay for the damages they caused during WWI, these payments are called
  • Q15
    The treaty to end WWI
    Treaty of Paris
    Treaty of Versialles
    Treaty of Ghent
    Treaty of Geneva

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