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WWII and the Holocaust

Quiz by Brandon Moens

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50 questions
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  • Q1
    Which countries have used atomic/nuclear weapons in a war?
    Germany and USSR/Russia
    US and Japan
    US and USSR/Russia
    US and no one else
  • Q2
    What Allied country in the South Pacific did Japan continually hope to one day invade and conquer for its strategic importance, yet they failed to ever successfully do so?
  • Q3
    Which of the following is one of the steps Hitler took that led to the Holocaust?
    Forced Jews to wear Star of David
    All answers are correct
    Classified Germans by race and religion
    Imprisoned Jews in concentration camps
  • Q4
    Which of the following is not a reason why Japan started the war in the Pacific and Asia?
    Desire to create a Japanese empire
    The Emperor allowed the military to direct government affairs
    War was a way to strengthen Japan's economy
    China's bombing of Tokyo
  • Q5
    American forces were in position to move into Berlin ahead of other Allies. Why did American leaders decide to let the Soviets move in first, instead?
    FDR and Eisenhower attempted to move American forces in first, but failed to move fast enough to beat the Soviets
    Hitler secretly asked the Americans to let the Soviets attack first to ensure that more Soviets died than Americans
    FDR and Eisenhower agreed that allowing the Soviets to get their revenge and take Berlin first would appease Stalin and more importantly spare American lives
    The Soviets paid America 2 billion dollars as compensation for getting to attack Berlin first
  • Q6
    Why did the Germans want to take control of the City of Stalingrad?
    Stalin had built a bunker there and was running the country from the city he'd renamed after himself
    Soviet nuclear weapons research was located there and Hitler wanted to gain control of the program
    Stalingrad was the capital of the USSR
    The Volga River that runs through the city was a major transportation route for oil from the region south of the city
  • Q7
    This city is the single, most well-known, example of Japanese atrocities committed against tens of thousands of Chinese civilians.
  • Q8
    What did the Soviets do to prevent German bombing from stopping their production of weapons in their factories?
    Built hundreds of underground factories in their cities
    Relocated factory equipment hundreds of miles east, beyond the Ural Mountains, too far for German bombers to reach them
    Built super strong roofs that could endure heavy bombing
  • Q9
    Which of the following is a reason why Germany started WWII?
    Archduke Franz Ferdinand was killed
    Hitler and FDR had a secret alliance against the USSR
    USSR invaded Germany in 1939
    Hitler said Germans needed "Lebensraum" - living space
  • Q10
    Which of the following is a reason why Hitler targeted Jews for persecution?
    Jews bullied him as a child
    Jews controlled most of the wealth in Germany
    Anti-Semitism already existed throughout Europe, making them easy targets
    Hitler despised his abusive Jewish father
  • Q11
    Which of the following countries does not belong on the list of German conquests in the Spring/Summer of 1940?
    The Netherlands
  • Q12
    Which battle involved the Germans secretly moving forces from its Eastern Front and transferring them to the Western Front to launch a surprise Christmas time attack on British and American forces?
    Battle of Kursk
    Operation Overlord
    Battle of the Bulge
    Operation Market-Garden
  • Q13
    Which city was the first to have an atomic bomb dropped on it?
  • Q14
    Which country was not involved in the Battle of the Atlantic
    Great Britain
  • Q15
    Pick the date of the Normandy Invasion, D-Day
    July 6, 1941
    January 6, 1944
    June 1, 1945
    June 6, 1944

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