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WWII Formative

Quiz by Tiffany Lawson

Grade 9-12
Social Studies
Missouri Learning Standards

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Grade 9-12
Social Studies
Missouri Learning Standards


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12 questions
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  • Q1
    Why is Hitler elected?
    Because German people are angry what the Treaty of Versailles does to them.
    Because they hate the Jews and want to kill them.
    Because Serbia shot the Austrian heir as he was riding in a car.
    Because they had a Communist Revolution to get rid of the Tsar.
  • Q2
    How does WWI directly cause WWII?
    Without Napoleon needing money for war, America would have never bought the Louisiana Territory
    Without Austria taking over Bosnia, Serbia wouldn't assassinated Franz Ferdinand
    Without Stalin taking over part of Germany, America wouldn't have felt threatened by communism.
    Without the anger about the Treaty of Versailles, which ended WWI, Hitler wouldn't have been able to rise to power
  • Q3
    Japan's desire to expand into the Pacific, China, and Korea is know as...
  • Q4
    How other countries appease Hitler?
    Whenever Hitler took over Austria, the Austrians protested and fought back against the Nazis.
    Whenever Hitler took over other countries, America dropped an atomic bomb on them.
    Whenever he took over other countries like Austria and Czechoslovakia, they just let him have them.
    Whenever Hitler took over other countries, Britain and Russia would declare war on him.
  • Q5
    The Nuremberg Laws prevent Jews from doing all the of the following, EXCEPT:
    Stopping Jews from leaving Germany
    Being married to German citizens and having kids
    Being German citizens
    Being protected by German laws from harassment

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