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WWII: Road to War Video Review

Quiz by Janine Snyder

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  • Q1
    Who were the AXIS powers?
    Question Image
    Italy, Japan and Germany
    Soviet Union
  • Q2
    Which war did the Treaty of Versailles help to end?
    Question Image
    Spanish American
    French and Indian
  • Q3
    How was Germany punished under the Treaty of Versailles?
    Question Image
    They were forced to wear dresses and dance around an American Flag white eating apple pie
    They were forbidden to have any contact with their former allies including Austria-Hungary and the Ottoman Empire
    They were forced to shrink their military, lose territory and pay massive reparations for war damages.
    They were put on a "watch list" so the Allied Forces could keep an eye on them
  • Q4
    What is nationalism?
    Question Image
    Washington Nationals fandom
    The equal sharing of property among all members of a nation
    Government for the people, by the people
    Extreme patriotism and loyalty to one's country
  • Q5
    A totalitarian government...
    Question Image
    Is not interested in gaining power
    Controls every aspect of its citizens' lives: money, media, employment, etc.
    Is a totally lit form of government
    Includes the people in making decisions
  • Q6
    President Wilson believed that WWI was REALLY all about...
    Question Image
    Countries' desire for power and territory
    Whose country had the best food
    Countries trying to improve the lives of their people
    Whose country had the strongest military
  • Q7
    One of the biggest factors that led people to support crazy dictators was...
    Question Image
    Facebook told them to
    The fact that many people simply did not care about anything because they had what they needed
    The dictators had an incredible sense of fashion and awesome hair. Did you see that 'stache on Stalin...??
    The fact that economy in many places was horrible and people were out of work and angry about it and the dictators made a lot of promises that they would make things better
  • Q8
    Which dictator created fascism (extreme nationalism, one leader, no opposition)?
    Question Image
  • Q9
    Japan's main goal leading up to WWII was...
    Question Image
    To expand their power and territory by invading other countries
    To shrink their military in order to save money
    To be the #1 source of sushi in the world
    To annihilate the USA
  • Q10
    What was the America's attitude leading up to WWII about the problems brewing in Europe?
    Question Image
    Let's CRUSH those commie freaks
    Our friends need our help! USA to the rescue!!
    Stay out of it. We have our own problems to deal with.
    WWI was such a smashing success. Let's do it again.

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