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WWII Test Review

Quiz by Jessica Thomas

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19 questions
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  • Q1
    Dictators in Germany, Italy, and Japan formed an alliance called the...
    Axis Powers
    Central Powers
    League of Nations
    Allied Powers
  • Q2
    European leaders tried to avoid war and responded to the aggression of Hitler’s Germany with the policy of...
  • Q3
    Which event caused allied Britain and France to declare war on Germany?
    Continuous bombing of Britain
    Germany invading Poland
    The bombing of Pearl Harbor
    Germany sinking the Lusitania
  • Q4
    The Battle of Britain was significant because...
    France defended Britain and defeated Germany.
    It was the first time in which Hitler’s plans of conquest were foiled.
    Churchill and Hitler joined forces and invaded USSR.
    Germany successfully conquered Britain.
  • Q5
    President Roosevelt tried to help the allied countries by sending supplies, but Congress passed laws requiring the US to maintain an official policy of...
    manifest destiny

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