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Quiz by John Wyatt IV

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  • Q1
    What statement best explains why the government provides goods and services to its citizens?
    To provide benefits to small groups of people in certain areas of the country.
    To compete with businesses in the private sector.
    To make a large profit by providing certain goods and services to it's citizens.
    To provide goods and services that would not be available if individuals had to provide them.
  • Q2
    Products and services that are used by everyone and are provided by the government are called —
    public policy
    private goods
    private policy
    public goods
  • Q3
    The United States government provides the following services EXCEPT —
    national defense
    interstate highways
    satellite radio
    postal service
  • Q4
    "Schools...Highways...Libraries".....These are referred to as public services because they —
    provide benefits to many people
    encourage cooperation between government branches
    are created by large corporations
    are funded through individual investment

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