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Quiz by John Wyatt IV

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  • Q1
    Which American civic action is a duty rather than a responsibility?
    voting in elections
    supporting a political party
    Jury service
  • Q2
    Mandatory is to _______ as Voluntary is to responsibility
  • Q3
    Why does the law require certain citizens to register for selective service when they turn 18 yrs old?
    residents of each state need to register and vote
    people must submit their names to become potential jurors
    The Department of Motor Vehicles must identify legal drivers
    The government needs a list of potential soldiers
  • Q4
    In order for a United States citizen to receive a fair trial, other citizens must -
    serve of juries
    pay poll tax
    evaluate judges
    vote in elections
  • Q5
    Which of the following is an example of the duties of citizens?
    Driving the speed limit
    registering to vote
    after-school tutoring
    maintaining full time employment
  • Q6
    Which area of citizenship is influenced by the town ordinance in this image?
    Question Image
    private rights
    Civic duties
    political freedoms
    social responsibilities
  • Q7
    A citizen can help ensure the rights of an accused person by-
    serving in the military
    paying income tax
    serving on a jury
    obeying the state law
  • Q8
    For government to be effective , citizens must -
    join political parties
    work for elected officials
    perform civic duties
    identify with local leaders
  • Q9
    This picture of a juror's badge illustrates what duty of citizens?
    Question Image
    paying taxes
    obeying the law
    attending school
    serving in court
  • Q10
    This summons to appear in court would most likely be sent to someone -
    Question Image
    asked to serve as a witness
    who will provide evidence
    called to jury duty
    accused of a crime

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