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  • Q1
    Civic duties: obeying the law, going to school. Civic responsibilities : staying informed ______. Which of the following best completes the shaded part of the list?
    registering for the draft
    paying income taxes
    participating in government
    serving on a jury
  • Q2
    Iana is seventeen years old and is concerned about the water quality of the river near a local chemical industry. The following actions can be taken by Iana EXCEPT -
    keeping informed about news regarding the industry and measures taken to protect the river
    contacting an elected official to encourage the creation of an ordinance to protect the river
    registering to vote and the voting for the candidate that has promised to protect the river
    volunteering for a political candidate that is promising to create laws to protect the river
  • Q3
    "Registering to vote, keeping informed regarding current issues, communicating with government officials" - Which title best fits this list?
    duties of political candidates
    responsibilities of citizens
    duties of citizens
    community service activities
  • Q4
    Carson is concerned about people speeding in his neighborhood and is worried about the safety of his family and neighbors. Which action best demonstrates Carson being a responsible citizen?
    he drives slowly in the neighborhood to keep others from speeding
    he contacts his local government official to discuss the possibility of lowering the speed limit
    he complains to his neighbors about the people speeding
    he places a sign in his yard that warns drivers of the consequences of driving too fast
  • Q5
    In Australia , citizens are required to vote in elections. If they do not vote, they may have to pay a fine. How does the United Stated differ from Australia ?
    people in the U.S. are required to register but voting is voluntary
    United States citizens who fail to vote can send in an absentee ballot after election day
    if you do not vote in the U.S. , you may serve time in jail
    voting in the United States is a civic responsibility but is not mandatory
  • Q6

    contributing to the public good through community service



  • Q7

    Sierra  Partenope decides to serve as  mayor if elected



  • Q8

    Alex Ortiz decides to write the school board about shorter school days. 



  • Q9

    Chris J. , Anthony B, and Maverick R. decide to help Terry Mcauliffe's  campaign



  • Q10

    ___________________  is to contribute to the common good! 

    A basic duty of citizenship 

    A basic responsibility of citizenship

    A duty requirement 

    A voluntary duty of citizenship 


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