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10 questions
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  • Q1
    Which individual best demonstrates the active participation of a citizen promoting the common good for a democratic society?
    Tyler complains to his friends his about his high electric bills
    Tammi works in a locally owned restaurant each weekend to save money for college
    Kathy visits her grandmother in a nursing home
    Giancarlo tutors at a local elementary school each week to help students in math
  • Q2
    In which scenario is someone demonstrating concern for the welfare of the community ?
    Tyson collects canned foods from local businesses to take to to the local pantry
    Matilda saves her allowance so she can purchase video games from a local store
    Derick mows his grass and maintains the plants in his front yard
    Denise visits her grandmother in a nursing home every sunday
  • Q3
    Which of the following is NOT an example of performing a community service?
    volunteering at a nursing home
    voting in a local election
    tutoring a student at a local school
    expressing his concern about the welfare of the community
  • Q4
    Why is community service important in a democratic nation?
    it addresses the local needs and serves the public good
    it removes the national government's duty to improve society
    it helps businesses find and train new employees
    it lowers unemployment by giving jobs to volunteers
  • Q5
    Joining the League of Women Voters is an example of -
    ways to show environmentalism
    a duty
    a necessity to become a citizen
    volunteering to support democratic institutions
  • Q6

    Which of the following are examples of performing community service choose all that apply.

    Participating on a recreational sports team.

    Doing activities that just benefit me 

    Studying for a test so that you get a better grade.

    Volunteering to help your church clean up along the sides of the highway

  • Q7

    Kayla  moves to a new neighborhood in  Atlanta. If Kayla wants to serve her community, what could she decide to do that would make a difference?

    Sell snacks at her new school.

    Volunteer to work with a group that cleans the city park.

    Buy a ticket for the fair in her town.

    Read a book on the history of her community.

  • Q8

    What is one way to contribute to the "common good" or "general welfare"?

    keeping your room clean

    mowing your yard 

    community service 

    selling snacks from your house 

  • Q9

    Which of the following is a way for citizens to express concerns about the welfare of the community as a whole? 

    concerns about the environment 

    serving in a voluntary position

    holding elective office 

    paying taxes

  • Q10

    A democratic society requires - 

    citizens to obey laws

    active participation of it's citizens

    serve as a witness 

    citizens to hold elective office 


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