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Wyatt CE 5c Role of The Media in Campaigns

Quiz by John Wyatt IV

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    CE 5c One of the important roles mass media plays in the political process is to -
    decide which point of view should be covered in news coverage
    not publish op-ed articles
    broadcast different points of view
    emphasize all the issues citizens may have
  • Q2
    CE 5c A political cartoon can influence opinions by poking fun at candidates and /or issues of concern to citizens. When reading and laughing at them a citizen needs to do all of the following EXCEPT -
    separate fact from opinion
    evaluate its source
    know the cost of printing it
    identify propaganda and bias
  • Q3
    CE 5c Which of the following is NOT forum that mass media provides for opposing view points?
    political cartoons
    round-table discussions on Tv
    important news alerts at the bottom of a TV screen
    newspaper editorials
  • Q4
    CE 5c Newspapers, Internet, Books, Magazines, Radio, Movies, Television, Podcasts. These items are all part of what is referred to as -
    Mass Media
    Medium of Exchange
    The electorate
  • Q5
    CE. 5c While the media sometimes uses misleading information called propaganda, more often it uses bias, which means –
    Broadcasting different points of view
    Favoring one side over the other
    Separating fact from opinion
    Rising campaign costs
  • Q6
    CE. 5c Identify candidates, emphasize the issues, write editorials, political cartoons, op-ed pieces, broadcast different points of view... these are all....
    stated in a party's platform
    functions of political parties
    mass media roles in elections
    similarities in political parties
  • Q7
    CE. 5c The media play a very important role in the political process of elections. They help -
    Nominate candidates to run for political office.
    Limit opportunities for citizens to run for political office.
    Highlight campaign issues and community concerns
    By broadcasting jokes or publishing cartoons about the current president.
  • Q8
    CE 5c What is an important reason American voters should be able to detect bias and identify propaganda?
    Political campaigns would not be effective without bias or propaganda
    Voters need to be able to make informed choices among candidates
    All information contained in campaign literature is inaccurate
    The media plays an important role in the political process
  • Q9
    CE 5c The media plays a role in the political process by broadcasting____________
    Only facts instead of opinions
    Different points of view
    Only conservative ideas
    Stories that are biased against third parties
  • Q10
    CE 5c. What do you call statements that can be proven?
    Things that Fox News hates....

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