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XHLT 1400 Canadian Health Care & Nursing - Final Exam 期末考试

Quiz by Ayshea Thornton

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50 questions
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  • Q1

    Which metaparadigm concept describes this statement: "Each person interacts with a complex system involving social connections, political issues, and the community that affects their personal well-being"?


    Health 健康

    Client 患者

    Environment  环境

    Nursing Care 护理

  • Q2

    Which Canadian document first expanded the scope of primary health to include social, economic, and environmental factors?


    The Toronto Charter (York University) 多伦多宪章(约克大学)

    The Lalonde Report(Marc Lalonde)   Lalonde报告(Marc Lalonde)

    The Romanow Report (Ray Ramonow)   罗曼诺报告(Ray Ramonow)

    Achieving Health for All (Jake Epp) 实现全民健康(Jake Epp)

  • Q3

    What significant impact did Florence Nightingale have on nursing?


    Was the first nurse in North America  是北美的第一位护士

    Differentiated nursing into registered nursing and practical nursing  将护士分为注册护士和实践护士

    Provided a new image of nursing as a respectable profession  提供了护理领域受人尊敬的职业新形象

    Invented personal protective equipment  个人防护装备的发明

  • Q4

    What influence did the first world war have on nursing education?


    Increased demand for trained nurses  对训练有素的护士的需求增加

    No significant influence  无重大影响

    Increased nursing shortages in hospitals 医院护理短缺加剧

    Increased paternalism  管理更加严厉

  • Q5

    What did Jake Epp identify as major health challenges facing Canadians in Achieving Health for All: A Framework for Health Promotion(1986)?

    杰克·埃普(Jake Epp)在《健康促进框架(1986)》中将加拿大人实现全民健康的主要挑战定为什么?

    Removing social and religious barriers to adequate psychological and spiritual care 消除社会和宗教障碍,换来适当的心理和精神护理与关怀

    Reducing inequities among Canadians and enhancing coping skills of the chronically ill 减少加拿大人中的不平等现象,提高慢性病患者的应对能力

    Environmental improvements aimed at decreasing both air and water pollution 旨在减少空气和水污染的环境改善

    Improving access to all forms of treatment centres 提高人们进入各种形式的治疗中心的机会

  • Q6

    Parent committees have lobbied for funding to ensure all students in the elementary school receive a hot breakfast daily at school. This statement is an example of which model of care?

    家长委员会游说资金,以确保所有小学生每天在学校接受免费营养热早餐。 该陈述是哪种护理模式的一个示例?

    Primary health care  初级卫生保健

    Quatrenary healthcare  四级医疗保健

    Secondary health care 二级医疗保健

    Tertiary health care 三级医疗保健

  • Q7

    In which of the following documents did the Canadian Government state that extra billing for insured medical services would not be permitted?


    The Lalonde Report  拉隆德报告

    The Family Allowance Act  家庭津贴法

    The Canada Health Act 加拿大卫生法

    The Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion 渥太华健康促进宪章

  • Q8

    Which of the following demonstrates how the McGill Model views a client's environment?


    The environment is found outside of the individual. 环境位于个人之外

    Health patterns and beliefs are formed by the family. 健康模式和信仰是由家庭形成的

    Individuals are internally motivated to seek better health. 个人有内在动力追求更好的健康

    Health promotion and nursing care are the same. 健康促进和护理同样重要

  • Q9

    Child immunization, support groups for adolescent parents, and chlorinated water are examples of which level of health care?

        儿童免疫,青少年父母支持小组,和氯化水 是哪种医疗保健水平的例子?

    Tertiary  三级

    Primary 一级

    Quatrenary 四级

    Secondary  二级

  • Q10

    David, an Albertan, requires medical treatment in another province where he is vacationing. The nurse tells David that he does not have to pay for services rendered in that province. Which principle is being upheld in this situation?

              艾伯塔省的戴维(David)在另一个正在休假的省份接受治疗。 护士告诉大卫,他不必为在该省接受的医疗服务付费。 在这种情况下坚持哪个原则?

    Accessibility 可及性

    Universality 普遍性

    Portability  可移动性

    Public administration公共行政

  • Q11

    During a class discussion, Angelo suggests that clients who visit emergency rooms should pay a fee to reduce health-care costs in the province. How would the terms of the Canada Health Care Act impact such an implementation?

    在课堂讨论中,安杰洛(Angelo)建议到急诊室就诊的患者应付一定费用,以减少全省的医疗成本。 《加拿大卫生保健法》的条款将如何影响这种实施?

    This would be considered extra billing and would contravene the act. 这将被视为额外收费,并且会违反该法案。

    This would be allowed as long as it was monitored by the provincial government. 只要省政府对其进行监控,就可以允许这样做。

    This would be in violation of the act unless it was mandated in all care settings equally. 除非在所有省的所有照护环境中均强制执行收费,否则此提议将违反该法案。

    This would not be allowed as it would be considered a form of taxation. 不允许这样做,因为它将被视为一种税收形式。

  • Q12

    Which of the following best describes the principle of "accessibility" as defined by the Canada Health Act (1984)?


    Any insured Canadian has the right to all medical services provided within Canada 任何有医保的加拿大人均有权在加拿大境内任何地方获得所有的医疗服务

    An adult in Nova Scotia cannot afford his medical prescriptions and receives government aid for the medications 新斯科舍省的一名成年人负担不起他的医疗处方药,于是他获得了政府的药品补助

    An infant suffering from heart failure is flown via air ambulance from Saskatoon to Edmonton for surgery, as the surgery is not available in Saskatchewan


    A Canadian who becomes critically ill while on vacation outside of the country will receive full coverage for all necessary medical services 在国外度假期间危重病的加拿大人将获得所有必要医疗服务的全额保险

  • Q13

    Which of the following is characteristic of the metaparadigm concept of health?


    Health is dependent on a state of wellness 健康取决于健康状况

    Health relates to normal functioning 健康与人体正常工作有关

    Health refers to those who do not appear ill 健康是指那些没有生病的人

    Health is relative and contextual 健康是相对的且与环境有关

  • Q14

    How can the interdisciplinary team promote the client as a collaborative team member? 跨学科团队如何提升患者参与协作团队的治疗的能力?

    Encourage the client to participate in care planning. 鼓励患者参加护理计划的设计

    Include the client's family in important decisions. 让患者的家人参与重要的决策

    Ensure the client is knowledgeable of his medical diagnosis. 确保患者了解他的医疗诊断

    Inform the client of the process of care. 告知患者护理过程

  • Q15

    What healing concept is focused on the physical, emotional, social, environmental, and spiritual needs of a person called?


    Spirituality 灵性关怀

    Holistic care  整体护理

    Multiple realities 多种现实

    Mindfulness  正念护理


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