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Y6 light and sight

Quiz by jan simmons

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19 questions
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  • Q1
    How does light travel
    Question Image
    in straight curves
    in lines
    In straight lines
  • Q2
    How do we see things
    Question Image
    the light travels to the object and back again
    Light travels to an object and reflects. We look at the object. The light reflect to our eyes. Our brain processes the information.
    with our eyes
    light travels in straight lines and back again
  • Q3
    What do shiny or reflective surfaces do to the direction of light
    Question Image
    bounces it back in the same directions
    blocks the light
    changes the direction
    Bounces or reflects it back in an equal but Opposite direction
  • Q4
    What is a light source
    Question Image
    something that you put batteries in
    something that you can turn on to produce light
    Something that creates its own lights
    something that doesn't weigh much
  • Q5
    Is the moon a light source
    Question Image
  • Q6
    What is our most important light source
    Question Image
    The sun
  • Q7
    What would happen if the sun exploded
    Question Image
    Eventually everything would die
    we would get cold
    there would be no light
    everything would go dark
  • Q8
    What do reflective surfaces do to light
    Question Image
    make it bigger
    They bounce the light back in equal but opposite angles
    bounce the light away
  • Q9
    What happens when light hits an uneven surface
    Question Image
    The light is scattered in many directions
    it shows your reflection
    it bounces back
  • Q10
    When light is scattered, do we see a light reflection
    No just the object
  • Q11
    How is a shadow caused
    Question Image
    by turning on the light
    by turning out the light
    Light travels in a straight line and part of it is blocked by an opaque object. That part has no light.
  • Q12
    What does opaque mean
    Some light can go through it
    No light can go through it
    All light can pass
  • Q13
    What does transparent mean
    Some light can pass
    No light an pass
    The light can go straight through
  • Q14
    What is translucent
    All light can pass
    No light can pass
    The light filters through gently
  • Q15
    What time of day will a shadow be shortest
    At midday/noon

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