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Year 8 ACTLAN Sentences

Quiz by Tania Wilson

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  • Q1
    Sensei o tabemashita
    I ate the teacher
    Let's eat the teacher
    The teacher ate
    The teacher eats
  • Q2
    Ko-hi- o nomimashou
    Let's dance the Koohii
    Let's drink Cola
    Let's drink coffee
    Let's read, Kohii
  • Q3
    Karaoke o utaimasu
    I can't sing, Carol Oakey
    I want to sing karaoke
    I sing Karaoke
    I sing kariokee
  • Q4
    Musha Musha
    Munch Munch
    Puff Puff
    Squish Squish
  • Q5
    Umi ni sunde imasu
    Live in the mountains
    Live in the pond
    Live in the river
    Live in the sea
  • Q6
    Gakkou ni ikitai desu
    I went to school
    I want to go to school
    I go to church
    Let's go to school
  • Q7
    Ke-ki o tsukurimashou
    Let's eat cake
    Let's jump on cake
    Let's make, Cathy
    Let's make a cake
  • Q8
    Mokuzai de ie o tsukurimasen
    Saw a house made of radish
    Won't make a house out of wood
    Made a house out of wood
    Talked about a house made of bricks
  • Q9
    Doa o akemasu
    Close the door
    Shut the window
    Open the door
    Fix the door
  • Q10
    Hanashi o kakitai desu
    Want to make a story
    Want to write long ago
    Want to listen to a story
    Want to write a story

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