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"Year of The Rat" Vocabulary Quiz 1-9

Quiz by Lakisha Goffney

Grade 4
ELA (2017)
Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)

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9 questions
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  • Q1
    (Read the sentence from the story.) To make matters worse, Pacy wants to be an author and illustrator when she grows up, but her father thinks that profession is a “cold door”' a difficult job that could lead to a hard life. What is the meaning of "cold door", as it is used in the sentence?
    a door that is freezing cold to the touch
    a job that will be easy for Pacy to do
    a job that is not going to be easy to do
    a door that should be removed
  • Q2
    The weather seemed to turn cold in a snap. Even though we thought we were ready, everyone was surprised when snow fell from the sky as if someone were pouring down sugar. (After reading the sentence, what does the phrase "turned cold in a snap" mean?)
    to become hot
    to happen or occur exactly when expected
    to happen or occur much sooner than expected
    to never happen
  • Q3
    Even though we thought we were ready, everyone was surprised when snow fell from the sky as if someone were pouring down sugar. (The author's use a type of FIGURATIVE LANGUAGE called SIMILE to help the reader......)
    to let the reader know that sugar is falling from the sky
    to show that snow and sugar are the same thing
    to explain how snow is able to fall from the sky
    picture the snowfall from the sky
  • Q4
    BRRR! The cold wind bit my face, and the inside of my nose stung as if icicles suddenly formed there.(The author's use of FIGURATIVE LANGUAGE helps to emphasize the reader's sense of......)
    Question Image
  • Q5
    Read these sentences from the "Year of the Rat". I didn't have any doubts about my talent anymore, I still didn't like that door. But for almost two years, I had thought that being an author and illustrator was what I wanted to be and who I was going to become. Now, I just didn't know. (What does the word "doubts" mean in the sentence?)
    to go in a different direction
    to allow someone to make a decision for you
    when someone is unsure of something
    when someone knows exactly what they want to do
  • Q6
    As they crossed a bridge, they stopped and saw an orange fish glide through the muddy green water, like floating tangerine peels. (The author uses FIGURATIVE LANGUAGE to help emphasize the reader's sense of.......)
    Question Image
  • Q7
    He looked at the wild and fierce waters and went in, relying on just himself, his courage and strength to get across. (What is the meaning of the word "relying" as it is used in the sentence?)
    to give up
    not able to make something happen
    to trust or depend on
    to not consider
  • Q8
    What is the ROOT WORD for the word "endangered"?
  • Q9
    What does the suffix -ly mean in the word suddenly?
    to be done in a certain way
    more than one
    to do before
    to be done again

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