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You will never do DRILLTHROUGH any other way in Power BI!

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  • Q1
    What is the purpose of creating a new measure named "More" in the video?
    To store the URL for the drillthrough page
    To filter the data in the report based on user selection
    To display text that users will see when they click on the link
    To create a button that users can click to navigate to another page
  • Q2
    How did the creator obtain the link for the drillthrough page in the video?
    By creating a calculated column in the dataset
    By copying the link from the desired webpage in the report
    By referencing a table in the data model
    By using a pre-written function in Power BI
  • Q3
    What part of the URL did the creator modify in the video?
    The table name
    The data source
    The column name
    The filter context
  • Q4
    According to the video, why is it important to use double quotes around the Dax function when creating the drillthrough URL?
    To prevent errors in the URL
    To separate the function from the rest of the text
    To specify the country name
    To indicate that the value is coming from a measure
  • Q5
    How did the creator test the drillthrough functionality in the video?
    By publishing the report and clicking on the link
    By using a testing tool within Power BI Desktop
    By manually entering the URL in a web browser
    By previewing the report in Power BI service
  • Q6
    What did the creator recommend users avoid doing before publishing the report with the drillthrough functionality?
    Hiding the filter pane
    Using a slicer to select a specific country
    Including a button for drillthrough
    Having a measure named "Drillthrough"
  • Q7
    In the video, why did the creator mention that the question mark should not be included in the copied URL?
    Because the question mark is not part of the link to the desired webpage
    Because question marks are used to denote the end of a filter string
    Because Power BI automatically adds a question mark to the URL
    Because question marks are used to specify parameters in the URL
  • Q8
    Which of the following is NOT a valid way to filter the data in Power BI according to the video?
    Using a button with drillthrough functionality
    Using a slicer
    Using a measure with DAX formulas
    Using a hierarchy
  • Q9
    What happens when a user clicks on a link created using the method in the video?
    They are directed to a separate webpage with more details.
    They are able to edit the data in the current report.
    They are shown a tooltip with additional information.
    They are prompted to download a file.
  • Q10
    How can users ensure that the drillthrough functionality works correctly after publishing the report?
    By using a web browser to access the report
    By checking the like count on the video
    By testing the links in Power BI Desktop
    By verifying that the URL formatting is correct

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