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Young Leadership Program B2 Module 14 Refresher

Quiz by Kariah Jiayone Cardinez

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7 questions
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  • Q1

    Policies either provide tangible resources or substantive power to their beneficiaries or impose real disadvantages on those who are adversely affected.



  • Q2

    The Government is responsive if they solve the issue concerned. What are the other ways to know that the government is responsive?

    Only when your insights and interventions are considered and applied.

    When you were given the chance to participate in the decision-making process.

    Solving the issue is the only way to know that the government is responsive.

    Your insights and interventions are considered even if they were taken down.

  • Q3

    Policy evaluation encompasses the estimation, assessment, or appraisal of a policy, including its content, implementation, goal attainment, and other effects.



  • Q4

    Agencies provide licensing.  Is this really necessary and why is it necessary? 

    Yes, because the government has to regulate certain businesses for the sake of public interest and to maintain standards. 

    No, the government should stay away from these processes and give freedom to all the businesses.  

  • Q5

    When the adoption phase of the policy process has been completed and, for instance, a bill has been enacted into law by a legislature, we can begin to refer to something called 

    Republic Act

    Executive Order

    Public Policy


  • Q6

    *5 Points each* Short Essay from Mr. Garry Perez. *5 Points each*

    Kindly provide 2-3 sentences. You may choose one question or answer all the questions. You may submit your answer to on or before Thursday November 18 23:59. No wrong answer.

    1. Provide a brief definition of Public Policy.

    2. How do Public Policies contribute to Good Governance?

    3. In what ways does Mass media influence the formation of Public Policies?

    4. Define “sustainability” and describe how “sustainability” can contribute to the establishment of a sustainable society through policymaking and governance. 

    Will Not Answer

    Will Answer 

  • Q7

    Which of the following techniques uses "Non-coercive forms of action"? 

    Imposition of legal sanctions or penalties, rewards, or deprivations.

    Involvement of the imposition of legal sanctions or penalties, rewards, or deprivations.

    None of the above.

    Examination of some matter (such as premises, products, or records) to determine whether it conforms to officially prescribed standards.


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