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Young Leadership Program Module 8 Refreasher

Quiz by Kariah Jiayone Cardinez

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9 questions
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  • Q1
    What are two typical attributes that signal the capability the stakeholder has to block or promote reform, join with others to form a coalition of support or opposition, and lead the direction/discussion of the reform?
  • Q2
    When applying stakeholder management strategy to Inform, Stakeholders are provided balanced, objective and consistent information to help understand, opportunities, issues and solutions
  • Q3
    Opponents are typically stakeholders who have yet to take a definitive position on a program or policy
  • Q4
    Which of the following is NOT true about the purpose of Stakeholder Analysis?
    Help to assess the appropriate type of participation by different stakeholders, at successive stages of the project.
    Understanding who your stakeholders are and the impact they may have on proposed reforms/project is crucial to success. Not engaging key players in the right way at an early stage can have disastrous results for a project.
    Help provide a basis from which to convey work performance measurements and trends on how the project will do and will do against the objective of the project.
    Identify conflicts of interest between stakeholders, which will influence the assessment of a project’s riskiness
  • Q5
    Which of the following choices are the correct steps of Stakeholder Analysis?
    Planning the process, establishing objectives, Selecting and Organizing scope of work and organizational code, establishing objectives, Identifying Key Stakeholders, Developing Stakeholder Management Plan.
    Planning the process, Define desired outcomes and actions, Endorse the process, Establish criteria, Develop options, identify key stakeholders, Evaluate, Select, and Refine Stakeholders, Undertaking Stakeholder Mapping, Developing Stakeholder Management Plan, Evaluate the process.
    Planning the process, Selecting and defining a policy, Identifying Key Stakeholders, Undertaking Stakeholder Mapping, Developing Stakeholder Management Plan.
    None of the above.

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