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Your Digital Footprint Pre-Test

Quiz by Alexandra Larson

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    Your Digital Footprint is
    The trail left behind by all of your online activities
    A mirror of your digital fingerprint
    Measurement of time spent online
    All of the above
  • Q2
    Who can see or use data from your digital footprint?
    Just about anyone can access the data
    Only people who use the same digital devices you do
    The tech person at your school
    Only the police
  • Q3
    Writing or leaving information on social media is known as a
    cookie deposit
    active digital footprint
    passive digital footprint
    form fill
  • Q4
    An example of how a computer "cookie" is created
    a record of your mouse clicks
    telling a website to remember your password
    a function of output
    Twitter account viewing
  • Q5
    What kind of information should you not share online?
    Your address
    All of the above
    Your first and last name
    Your school and grade
  • Q6
    You can't be caught if you post something negative about someone online and use a fake name instead of your own.
  • Q7
    In order to have a positive digital footprint, you should
    All of the above
    Not overshare personal information
    Clear the computer cookies everytime before you log off a computer or digital device
    Post things that you want everybody to see, including your family and teachers
  • Q8
    Companies use your Passive Digital Footprint to
    Shut down your email address
    Overcharge you for ordered items
    Steal your credit card information
    Target the type of advertisements you see online
  • Q9
    Celebrities often have huge Digital Footprints because
    They like to keep their names active in the news so their fans stay interested
    They leave Hollywood
    They want to maintain their privacy
    They don't use digital devices
  • Q10
    How can a Digital Footprint affect whether or not someone gets their dream job?
    Employers don't want their workers to have digital devices including cell phones
    It doesn't because an employer can't find your Digital Footprint
    Companies like to hire people with Digital Footprints
    Employers do not want to hire people that post negative comments or questionable pictures

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