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Your're a Jellyfish Level O

Quiz by Chris Blair

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    Jellyfish live ___________.
    Question Image
    all of the above
    in warm or cold water
    in all oceans
    in lakes
  • Q2
    Why might you find a lot of jellyfish in the same place?
    Question Image
    They like the same environment.
    They want to live together.
    They are a family group.
    They can help each other find food.
  • Q3
    If something is "marine," it _____________.
    Question Image
    lives in oceans
    eats fish
    swims with sharks
    lives near the shore
  • Q4
    Which of the following should you not do if stung by a jellyfish?
    Question Image
    remove the tentacles
    apply ice on the wound
    stay as still as possible
    rinse the wound with seawater
  • Q5
    Where is the jellyfish's brain?
    Question Image
    by its mouth
    nowhere, it doesn't have one
    in the tentacles
    in its bell
  • Q6
    If you find a jellyfish on a beach, what should you do?
    Question Image
    throw it back into the water
    leave it alone
    pick it up and save it
    bury it in the sand
  • Q7
    The author wrote this book as if you were ____________.
    Question Image
    a scientist
    a fisherman
    a jellyfish
    a student
  • Q8
    What does it mean to "bask"?
    Question Image
    to live a long time
    to swim quickly
    to relax in the sun
    to eat a lot
  • Q9
    Who is telling the story of "You're a Jellyfish?"
    Question Image
    a jellyfish
    a boy
    a narrator
  • Q10
    How is a jellyfish different from a fish?
    Question Image
    doesn't have a backbone
    doesn't have tentacles
    doesn't live in water
    all of the above

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