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Yours "Right"fully - QUIZ

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  • Q1

    Name the community police program that was banned following the police brutality incident at Sathankulam in 2020?

    TN Community Policing Initiative

    Tamil Nadu Community Police Program

    Friends of Police

    Friends of Community Program

  • Q2

    The murder of George Floyd by former Minneapolis Police Department officer Derek Chauvin on May 25, 2020 is a human rights issue based on

    Refugee crisis

    Systemic racism and Police brutality

    Human Trafficking


  • Q3

    How many articles are in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights?





  • Q4

    Adolf Hitler’s plan, popularly known as the Holocaust, to “ cleanse the world ” denied humanity to people based on -

    Ethnicity, Sexual Orientation & Political Beliefs

    Religion & Gender based

    None of these

    Only Jews were targeted 

  • Q5

    What was the incident or attack on India on 14 February 2019 that resulted in the deaths of 40 Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF)  personnel?

    Pulwama Attack

    Indo-China war

    Indo-Pak war

    Sukma Attack

  • Q6

    What caused the deaths of 15 civilians in Nagaland as a result of an army attack?

    Due to false information

    Due to terrorist card

    Due to religion violence

    Due to political violence

  • Q7

    What is the name of the petition that protects against arbitrary and indefinite detention?

    Habeas Corpus




  • Q8

    Who is the present Human Rights Commission chairman of Tamilnadu?

    Justice K. Baskaran

    Justice Bilal Nazki

    Justice Antony Dominic

    Justice Mandhata Seetharama Murthy

  • Q9

    Which country has the worst human rights?

    South Korea

    North Korea



  • Q10

    Pick out the Odd one out  :

    1628 -The Petition of Rights

    1212- The Magna Carta

    1787- The United States Declaration of Independence

    1776- The Declaration of Rights.

  • Q11

    The book which said " the king and his government was not above the law" was

    The constitution of the USA

    The Petition of Rights

    Magna Carta

    The Declaration of the Rights of the Citizens

  • Q12

    In context of the Srilankan civil war took place from 1983 to 2009, which one of the following rights was majorly violated when genocide happened?

    Right to life

    Right to Freedom of Expression and Speech

    Right to Education

    Right to Liberty

  • Q13

    We all know, North Korea is a safe country, but has a number of restrictions due to political causes, which affects the freedom of the public . Which of the following do you think is prohibited there

    Owning a bible

    Freedom to access the internet

    freedom to wear blue jeans

    all of these

  • Q14

    Who is known as the mother of the freedom movement?

    Mother Theresa

    Rosa Parks

    Oprah Winfrey

    Michelle Bachelet

  • Q15

    When did the need for declaring Human Rights come into existence?

    After Burmese-Siamese war

    After world war 2

    After world war 1

    After Germany's invasion into Britain


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