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YoY QoQ MoM WoW analysis

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  • Q1
    What does YoY stand for?
    Quarter over Quarter
    Month over Month
    Week over Week
    Year over Year
  • Q2
    Which DAX function is used to calculate the Last Year value?
  • Q3
    How is the percentage change calculated in YoY?
    (Current Year Sales / Last Year Sales) - 1
    Last Year Sales - Current Year Sales
    (Current Year Sales - Last Year Sales) / Last Year Sales
    (Current Year Sales + Last Year Sales) / Last Year Sales
  • Q4
    What is the purpose of using the SELECTEDVALUE function in the LoQ (Last Quarter) calculation?
    There is no need to use SELECTEDVALUE function in LoQ calculation
    To filter the date table to the previous quarter
    To select the minimum year from the date slicer
    To compare the sales of the current quarter to the sales of all previous quarters
  • Q5
    How is the MoM (Month over Month) difference calculated?
    (Current Month Sales + Last Month Sales) / 2
    Last Month Sales / Current Month Sales
    YoY - MoM
    Current Month Sales - Last Month Sales
  • Q6
    What is the trick to identify the low sales month pattern throughout the year in the MoM analysis?
    There is no trick to identify low sales month pattern in MoM analysis
    Visually inspect the graph and identify months with low sales values
    Compare the sales of each month to the average sales of the year
    Analyze the MoM % change and identify months with negative values
  • Q7
    Which of the following statements is TRUE about WoW (Week over Week) calculation?
    It requires creating a separate measure for every week
    WoW compares the sales performance of one week to the previous week within the same year
    WoW cannot be calculated in Power BI
    It can only be applied to years with 52 weeks
  • Q8
    What is the formula used to calculate the WoW % change?
    (Current Week Sales - Last Week Sales) / Last Week Sales
    Last Week Sales / Current Week Sales
    YoY - WoW
    (Current Week Sales + Last Week Sales) / 2
  • Q9
    In the video, what was the calculated WoW % change for week 5?
    The video only covers YoY, QoQ, MoM calculations
    There is not enough information to calculate WoW % change for week 5
  • Q10
    What does the author recommend at the end of the video?
    Sharing the video with friends and colleagues
    Creating a new measure for weekly sales
    Subscribing to the taik18 channel and turning on notifications
    Downloading the Adventure Works database

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