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Zoom, Google Meet and Teams

Quiz by Valeria Hernández Betancourt

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    What is the purpose of Zoom, Google Meet, and Teams?
    To provide online shopping platforms
    To provide social media platforms
    To provide video conferencing and collaboration tools
    To provide online gaming platforms
  • Q2
    What is the maximum number of participants on Google Meet?
  • Q3
    What is the maximum meeting duration on Zoom's free plan?
    2 hours
    40 minutes
    1 hour
  • Q4

    What is collaborative work?

    A process in which a single person takes on all the work of a project.

    A process in which two or more people work together to achieve a common goal.

    A task to be performed individually

  • Q5

    Which tool allows you to schedule meetings directly from its integrated calendar application?

    Zoom and Teams

    Google Meet  and Zoom


    Google and Teams

  • Q6

    Which video conferencing tool is known for its "waiting rooms" feature?


    Google Meet

    None of them


  • Q7

    What are some collaborative work tools used in the work environment?

    Social networks, on-line games and video game chats

    E-mail, instant messaging and telephone calls

    Online collaboration platforms, project management software and video conferencing tools

  • Q8

    What are the main challenges faced by collaborative work in the workplace?

    Difficulties in establishing clear objectives and goals

    Difficulties in communication and coordination among team members

    Lack of motivation and commitment from team members

  • Q9

    What role does trust play in collaborative work?

    It is fundamental, as it allows team members to trust in each other's skills and commitment

    It is irrelevant, as team members can work together without trusting each other

    It has no role, as collaborative work is simply about sharing information and knowledge

  • Q10

    What is a "virtual team" and what challenges does it present for collaborative work?

    A team that works online and never meets in person, and challenges include lack of communication and coordination

    A team that communicates only through email and never meets in person, and challenges include lack of communication and coordination

    A team that works in different physical locations but communicates regularly and has online meetings, and challenges include coordinating schedules and managing communication


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