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Quiz by Mark Alvin Malaya

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  • Q1
    What is a cocktail shaker primarily used for?
    Cooking food
    Measuring ingredients
    Mixing beverages
    Storing liquids
  • Q2
    What is the purpose of a jigger in bartending?
    Measuring ingredients
    Straining liquids
    Serving drinks
    Cleaning glassware
  • Q3
    What is a muddler used for in bartending?
    Stirring drinks
    Mashing ingredients
    Pouring drinks
    Straining liquids
  • Q4
    What is the purpose of an ice bucket in a bar?
    Holding garnishes
    Keeping ice cold
    Storing glassware
    Mixing ingredients
  • Q5
    What is the purpose of a garnish in a cocktail?
    Straining liquids
    Mixing ingredients
    Adding visual appeal and flavor
    Measuring ingredients
  • Q6
    What is the purpose of a cocktail strainer in bartending?
    Measuring ingredients
    Straining liquids
    Serving drinks
    Shaking drinks
  • Q7
    What is the purpose of a bar spoon in bartending?
    Muddling ingredients
    Stirring drinks
    Measuring ingredients
    Straining liquids
  • Q8
    What is the purpose of a commercial refrigerator in a bar?
    To display drinks for customers.
    To keep the bartender cool.
    To make drinks colder.
    To store drinks and perishable items at low temperatures.
  • Q9
    What is a back bar fridge?
    A small cooler for personal use.
    A refrigerator for storing fruits and vegetables in a kitchen.
    An industrial refrigerator for storing vaccines.
    A refrigerator specifically designed for storing beverages and ingredients at the back bar area of a restaurant or bar.
  • Q10
    What is the primary function of a beverage dispenser?
    To play music
    To store food
    To measure temperature
    To dispense drinks
  • Q11
    What is a kegerator?
    A tool for opening beer bottles.
    A refrigerator specifically designed to store and dispense kegs of beer.
    A type of beer brewed in a specific region.
    A device used to measure the temperature of beer.
  • Q12
    What is a liquor dispenser?
    A device used to mix different liquors together.
    A device used to dispense liquor in measured amounts.
    A device used to keep liquor bottles organized.
    A device used to store liquor bottles.
    A device used to make cocktails.
  • Q13
    What is a mug chiller?
    A device used to heat up beverages in a mug.
    A device used to clean mugs.
    A device used to hold mugs.
    A device used to cool down hot beverages in a mug.
  • Q14
    What is a bar caddy?
    A container used to hold bar tools and supplies.
    A type of alcoholic drink.
    A tool used to measure alcohol.
    A special type of glass used in bars.
    A type of fruit commonly used in cocktails.
  • Q15
    What is the purpose of a bar juice container?
    To mix cocktails
    To store garnishes
    To display drinkware
    To hold and dispense beverages
    To hold ice

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