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Ch 13 post-reading quiz p.319-24

Quiz by Julie

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5 questions
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  • Q1
    Which of the following was NOT a cause of the French Wars of Religion?
    Threatened privileges for merchants and lawyers
    Rising prices & rigid guild system hurting artisans & shopkeepers
    Catholics spent too much money fighting the Huguenots
    Nobles converting to Calvinism threatened the king's power
  • Q2
    What was a religious cause of the French wars of religion?
    Many nobles and city dwellers became Huguenots
    The decentralized structure of the French state favored Catholics
    The Pope had tight control over French nobles
    Jesuits supported the Huguenots over the Catholic monarchy
  • Q3
    What was an effect of the French Wars of Religion?
    Nobles were able to determine the religion of their lands
    The Edict of Nantes ended the wars by giving Huguenots religious and political privileges, while making the state officially Catholic
    The Edict of Nantes banned Protestantism and made the state Catholic
    The king converted to Protestantism and banned Catholicism
  • Q4
    Which of the following is true about Philip II?
    He won the wars against the Dutch
    He failed to prevent Turkish encroachment in the Mediterranean
    He married Queen Elizabeth
    His reign was a time of political and cultural greatness for Spain
  • Q5
    How did Queen Elizabeth resolve the religious conflict caused by Queen Mary's reign?
    She compromised with Catholics by agreeing to persecute Puritans
    She married a Catholic.
    She defeated the Dutch attempt to invade England
    She kept the Church of England, but made the services more moderate and acceptable to Catholics

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