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Colonialism Formative

Quiz by Dakota Barton

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  • Q1

    How did the invention of printing help in the exploration of the New World?

    It helped in making the ships more efficient to payment schedules.

    It helped in the printing of maps and navigational charts.

    It helped in recruiting for people to settle in towns and cities.

    It helped in the printing of paper money to pay for the explorations.

  • Q2

    What was the name given to the 16th century religious movement that was critical of the Roman Catholic Church?

    The Protestant Reformation

    The Scientific Revolution

    The Catholic Reformation

    The Counter Reformation

  • Q3

    Who was the first explorer to round the Cape of Good Hope and sail directly from Europe to India?

    Ferdinand Magellan

    Vasco da Gama

    Bartolomeu Dias

    Christopher Columbus

  • Q4

    In what way did the Renaissance affect the European exploration of North America?

    The rejection of religious thought made people want to leave Europe.

    European feudal lords wished to spread their influence to new lands.

    Artists' depiction of life in the New World caused people to want to see the continent.

    The wealth and curiosity the Renaissance created made it the right time to explore.

  • Q5

    Which of these statements would BEST complete the pattern represented in this diagram?

    Question Image

    Portugal founds the colony of Brazil

    Native Americans die from European diseases

    Spain uses the colonies to increase its wealth

    Catholicism is brought to the Americas

  • Q6

    Who is the man who begins the Protestant Reformation in the European continent?

    Martin Luther

    Henry VIII

    Fredrick the Great

    John Calvin

  • Q7

    What is the purpose of the Treaty of Tordesillas?

    Cause Germany to reunify

    Split the new and old world between Spain and Portugal

    Causes the decay of colonialism overseas.

    Decide how the Catholic faith was going to split

  • Q8

    What was the largest killer of the Native American's when Europeans arrived?





  • Q9

    Why did Cortez easily conquer the Aztecs?

    The Spanish had superior technology

    They believed the Spanish were gods

    All of the above

    They died to disease

  • Q10

    What is the policy of extending a countries power and influence through diplomacy and military force?






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