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Connections to Text

Quiz by Lisa Wiebe

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  • Q1
    Comparing two characters from two different texts is an example of what connection?
    Text to Text
  • Q2
    How can you change a connection from Text to Self to Text to Environment
    The connection made must be not directly related to you
  • Q3
    Name the three categories of narratives
    1st person, 2nd person, 3rd person
  • Q4
    What are the subcategories of the 3rd person narrative?
    3rd person Objective, 3rd person Omniscient, 3rd person Limited
  • Q5
    How might your perception of the story Gore change if the story was written in the 3rd person? Give 3 points.
    Answers may vary.
  • Q6
    Using Text to World, can you explain why Roald Dahl chose Lamb to the Slaughter as the title for his work?
    Answers may vary
  • Q7
    In a story told from 3rd person objective, how can you know how characters are feeling?
    You can infer their emotions from their actions and dialogue
  • Q8
    How can you make a text to self connection if you cannot relate to what the character does?
    If you cannot relate to their actions, think of what you might do in a similar situation
  • Q9
    Can you use Text to Text Connections for a nonfiction piece?
  • Q10
    Can you use Text to World connections for a nonfiction piece?
  • Q11
    What is the purpose of using text to text connections?
    It helps us to understand something unfamiliar by using something familiar
  • Q12
    Why is it important to consider Text to World Implications? Give 3 points
    answers may vary
  • Q13
    Why is it important to consider Text to Self connections? Give 3 examples
    Answers may vary

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