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F451 Review

Quiz by Alynn Purdy

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  • Q1
    Mildred always has what in her ears?
    Seashell ear-thimbles
  • Q2
    Why did Montag need to call 911?
    His wife Mildred was lost.
    His wife Mildred overdosed on sleeping pills.
    His wife Mildred watched too much TV.
  • Q3
    Why do so many people in Montag's world try to take their life?
    Montag's world is great and everyone is happy.
    They live in a dehumanized state and they are depressed and sad.
    The machines the handymen use help make everyone happy.
  • Q4
    What "pet" lives are the firehouse?
    The pet dog named Hound.
    The pet cat names Hound
    The Mechanical Hound
  • Q5
    What did the mechanical hound do to Montag that scared him?
    The Hound growled at him.
    The Hound jumped on Montag.
    The Hound ran from Montag.
  • Q6
    What purpose does the Mechanical Hound serve in the community?
    To keep the mice away from the firehouse.
    To provide comfort to the Firemen.
    To seek and destroy people who hide books.
  • Q7
    Who is Captain Beatty?
    Montag's brother from Florida.
    Montag's boss at work.
    Montag's friend at the firehouse.
  • Q8
    Who programs the Hound to seek and destroy?
    Captain Beatty
    Montag and the other Firemen program the Hound
    A huge computer programs the Hound
  • Q9
    What inner revolution is Montag having according to the following quote, "He felt his body divide itself into a hotness and a cold ness, a softness and a hardness, a trembling and a not trembling, the two halves grinding one upon the other."
    Montag does not like the person who is he is becoming.
    Montag is realizing that he is changing and not like the other firemen.
    Clarisse is really beginning to annoy Montag everyday.

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