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Fever 1793 Chapters 11-16

Quiz by Jill

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  • Q1
    As Matilda and her grandfather are traveling to the country with the farmer and his family, they come across four men on horseback. Initially, who do they think these men are?
  • Q2
    How do Matilda and her grandfather end up stranded?
    The men on horseback think Matilda's grandfather has yellow fever, so they refuse to let him in the town. The farmer's family dumps them on the road and goes without them.
    The wagon they are traveling in has a broken axle, and no one has the money to make the repair.
    The roads are all closed to reduce the spread of fever. The family they are traveling with decides to head back while Matilda and her grandfather decide to find another way.
  • Q3
    What trick does Matilda use to find water for her and her grandfather?
    She uses her skirt and canteen to collect rain water.
    She follows the birds and squirrels, knowing they are heading to water.
    She looks for a willow tree, knowing water will be nearby.
  • Q4
    Why does Matilda's grandfather call himself a fool?
    He knows his old army tricks won't help them survive in this situation.
    He knows he should have listened to Matilda's mother and left Philadelphia a lot sooner than they did.
    He left the city knowing he had yellow fever and is afraid he will five it to Matilda.
  • Q5
    While stranded on the side of the road Matilda's grandfather says, "We must form out battle plans, both for this skirmish and for the rest of the war." What does he mean by this?
    That he and Matilda not only need to figure out how to get back to her mother, but also how to find a cure for yellow fever.
    That he and Matilda not only need to figure out how to get the clothing back, but also how to increase business and the coffeehouse.
    That he and Matilda not only need to figure out how to get off the roadside, but also what they will do to survive and get their lives back together.
  • Q6
    What does Matilda use to try to catch fish?
    A fishing pole she finds by a tree
    A basket she makes from branches
    Her skirt
  • Q7
    After gathering pears, Matilda heads back to feed and care for her grandfather. What happens on the way back?
    Matilda kills a rabbit with grandfather's sword.
    Matilda comes across two men who try to rob her of her food.
    Matilda feels cold all over and passes out.
  • Q8
    Who is Mrs. Flagg?
    A woman Matilda meets who is dying from yellow fever.
    The of a farmer who gives Matilda food and clothing.
    A nurse who is helping Matilda recover from yellow fever.
  • Q9
    What is Bush Hill?
    The hill where Matilda and her grandfather were stranded.
    A mansion converted into a hospital to care for yellow fever victims.
    A cementery where Matilda suspects her mother was buried.
  • Q10
    Why is Matilda terrified to be at Bush Hill?
    She has heard it is a dangerous place full of thieves.
    She is terrified by how dirty the area is and thinks she might get sick.
    She knows if she is there she will probably die.
  • Q11
    What does Matilda's grandfather do while she is recovering at Bush Hill?
    Delivers food, burns dirty mattresses, and helps figures out how to raise more money.
    Helps children who lost their parents to yellow fever and find a new home.
    Carries dead bodies to the fire where they are cremated.
  • Q12
    The clerk discharges Matilda since she is once again healthy. Where does he want to send her?
    To an orphanage
    Back to Philadelphia
    To Ludington's farm
  • Q13
    What do the workers at the hospital want Matilda to do once she is discharged?
    Give back to the community by getting a job helping in the orphanage.
    Take care of her grandfather, making sure he takes his medicine three times a day.
    Help transport dead bodies for burial.
  • Q14
    Describe Philadelphia when Matilda and her grandfather return.
    The city has fire damage since people burned houses of the dead to end the fever.
    Most people have returned from the country, and businesses are open once again.
    There is little food, and the city is no longer safe.
  • Q15
    Where does Matilda think her mother is?
    Staying with Eliza
    At the Ludington's farm

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