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Quiz by Harold N. Noga

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    What does SPACE stands for?
    Strategic Position and Accrual Evaluation
    Strategic Position and Action Evaluation
    Strategy Position and And Evaluation
    Strategy Positioning and Appraisal Evaluation
  • Q2
    What are the two internal dimensions to be considered in conducting SPACE?
    Competitive Advantage and Industry Position
    Financial Strength and Competitive Advantage
    Industry Stability and Environmental stability
    Environmental stability and Financial stability
  • Q3
    A posture that occurs when all the dimensions are scored poorly and the firm in this position are very weak and heading for failures.
    aggressive posture
    conservative posture
    defensive posture
    competitive posture
  • Q4
    What are the two external dimension?
    Environmental Stability and financial stability
    Industry Strength and competitive advantage
    environmental stability competitive advantage
    Environmental Stability and Industry Strength
  • Q5
    This is an internal dimension which include market share, product quality, product life cycles etc. as key factors.
    industry stability
    financial strenght
    Environmental stability
    Competitive Advantage
  • Q6
    A posture that arises when the firm is financially strong but is unlikely to make significant returns from the business.
    defensive posture
    conservative posture
    aggressive posture
    competitive posture
  • Q7
    A posture that arises when a firm has strong advantages in attractive industry but its financial strength is insufficient to compensate for environmental stability.
    competitive posture
    conservative posture
    aggressive posture
    defensive posture
  • Q8
    This is an external dimension which an include technological change, rate of infaltion, demand variability etc. as key factors.
    environmental Stability
    industry stability
    financial strength
    competitive advantage
  • Q9
    A posture when all the dimensions are positive and the implicit strategy is to enforce growth in the business and raising the stakes for all competitors.
    competitive posture
    aggressive posture
    conservative posture
    defensive posture
  • Q10
    A coordinate of _________ in the SPACE Matrix is a defensive profile.
    +1, +1
    -4, -2
    -2, +3
    +5, -1

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