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베테랑스 SAT Vocab Day20(ADV)

Quiz by 베테랑스 어학원

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  • Q1
    alarmist (n.)
    a person who helps people or institutions (especially with financial help) / 후원자, 기부자
    worrying too much / 지나치게 걱정하는
    the quality of being direct and outspoken; without sharpness or clearness of edge or point / 무뚝뚝함, 직접적임, 솔직함; 뭉툭함
    the quality of being sensible, reasonable, valid / 합리성, 멀쩡함, 견고함
  • Q2
    at odds with ~ (adj.)
    against / ~와 대치하는
    yielding readily to; especially vulnerable to / ~에 취약한, ~하는 경향이 있는
    narrowly restricted in outlook or scope; suggestive of the isolated life of an island; relating to or characteristic of or situated on an island / 뇌·췌장의 섬과 관련된
    rich; having an abundant supply of money / 부유한
  • Q3
    sound (adj.)
    likely to change unpredictably / 변덕스러운
    expressing extreme contempt / 경멸하는, 모욕하는, 업신여기는
    valid / 타당한, 근거 있는
    flexible, easily changeable / 말랑말랑한
  • Q4
    engendered by ~ (adj.)
    demanding strict attention to rules and procedures / 엄밀한, 정밀한
    caused by / ~로 부터 생긴
    overseeing the performance or operation of a person or group / 지켜보는, 관리하는
    showing indifference or disregard; rejecting / 무시하는, 거절하는, 의미없다고 여기는
  • Q5
    misinterpreted (adj.)
    showing the suppression of impulses or emotions / 억압받는
    spreading or spread throughout / 확산하는 혹은 퍼진
    misunderstood / 이해를 잘못한
    unavoidable; happening for sure / 피할 수 없는, 불가피한
  • Q6
    analogous (adj.)
    able to detect ~ / ~에 민감한, ~를 측정가능한
    one-sided / 일방적인
    not familiar; from an unfamiliar source / 이상한, 낯선
    similar / 비슷한
  • Q7
    avid (adj.)
    difficult to catch or understand / 회피하는, 잡기 힘든
    yielding readily to; especially vulnerable to / ~에 취약한, ~하는 경향이 있는
    eager / 의욕이 넘치는
    appearing as such but not necessarily so / ~같은, ~처럼 보이는
  • Q8
    appreciative (adj.)
    appearing as such but not necessarily so / 인식된 (그런데 아닐 수도 있는)
    aware of; accustomed to / ~에 적응한, ~에 대해 잘 인식하는
    unaffected by self-interest / 사심없는, 공평한, 이해 관계 없는
    considering positively / 좋게 보는
  • Q9
    promising (adj.)
    with potential / 가능성이 보이는
    being up to date on latest trends / 유행을 따르는
    requiring great effort / 힘든, 노력을 많이 요구하는
    becoming apparent or prominent / 떠오르는
  • Q10
    dismissive (adj.)
    being up to date on latest trends / 유행을 따르는
    ignoring, not considering seriously enough / 배제하는, 없는 셈 치는
    able to endure something (without too much displeasure); somewhat accepting of something / 용인하는, 관용하는; 봐주는
    not capable of being carried out or put into practice / 가능하지 않은, 실행할 수 없는
  • Q11
    unilateral (adj.)
    showing no care or concern; having no preference on the matter / 무심한, ~중에 선호하는 것이 없는
    capable of being seen or noticed / 관찰 할 수 있는, 식별할 수 있는, 볼 수 있는
    not physical, unable to be grasped / 물리적이지 않은
    one-sided / 일방적인
  • Q12
    substantiated (adj.)
    not reciprocated; not given back in exchange / 되돌려지지 않은, 답례를 받지 못한
    having given up / 포기한, 의욕을 잃은
    appearing or developing early (usually intellectually) / 조숙한
    supported by evidence / 증거로 뒷받침 된
  • Q13
    unprecedented (adj.)
    lacking awareness of something / ~을 깨닫지 못하는
    never seen or done previously / 전례 없는, 첫 경우
    unable to be both true at the same time / 모순된
    located beneath or below; not readily apparent / 근원적인, 근본적인
  • Q14
    reserved (adj.)
    shy / 부끄럼을 타는, 주저하는
    apparently reasonable, valid, or possible / 그럴듯한
    worried and uneasy; ceaselessly in motion / 잠이 안 오는; 가만히 있지 못하는
    (of land or fields) not prepared for raising crops; characteristic of a person who is not cultivated or does not have intellectual tastes; (of persons) lacking art or knowledge / 0
  • Q15
    apathetic (adj.)
    dangerous OR guilty of betrayal / 위험한
    polite OR related to being a citizen / 예의를 지키는 OR 시민의
    uninterested / 무관심한
    one-sided / 일방적인

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