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  • Q1

    1.  Which type of writing is almost related to the argumentative essay?

    d. Informative

    a. Descriptive

    c. Narrative     

    b. Expository   

  • Q2

    2.  A cooking recipe is an example of which type of writing?

    a. Persuasive

    b. Expository    

     c. Informative

    d. Argumentative

  • Q3

    3.  What is the main intention of the author when writing a persuasive essay?

    b.  To raise awareness about issues in the world.

    c. To convince the reader to write to write their counter argument.

    a.  To answer questions which are doubtful.

    d.  To convince the reader to agree with the author about an issue through the use of facts.

  • Q4

    4. The museums hold the ____ historical evidence of the Philippines.

    c. old

    a. Few

    b. new          

    d. numerous

  • Q5

    5. Which literary work can be understood only by reference to its intrinsic features, which are the elements?

    b. Feminism     

    c. Moralism

    d. Marxism

    a. Formalism    

  • Q6

      Read the except of Jane Austen’s works and answer the questions that follow

    “A woman is not to marry a man merely because she is asked, or because he is attached to her, and can write a tolerable letter.”

                                                                - Excerpt from Emma by Jane Austen

    6. Which of the following is TRUE about Jane Austen’s view on women’s marriage?

    b. Women must marry a man when he asked her to.

    c. Women must not get into marriage out of her will.

    d.   Women must not get into marriage when not attached to him

    a. Women must be educated before getting married.

  • Q7

    7. What can we infer about the society’s view on women’s marriage?

    a. Woman can decide when they can marry or not.

    d. Man’s relationship with the woman is considered a factor to be married

    b. Man and woman both decide when they can get married.

    c. Woman’s education is not an issue when it comes to marriage.

  • Q8

    8. Which of the following statements is the best definition of critique?

    b. It is to find fault and to look for what’s lacking.

    a. It connotes a detailed analysis that describes and weighs the characteristics of something.

    c. A person who judges or evaluates

    d. Simple analysis

  • Q9

      Read and analyze the excerpt from the story “God Sees The Truth But Waits”. Answer the questions that follow. Choose the letter of the best answer

       In the town of Vladimir lived a young merchant named Ivan Dmitrich  Aksionov. When he was a young man he had been given to drink and was riotous when he had too much but after he married, he gave up drinking.

       One summer, Aksionov was going to the Nizhny fair and as he bade farewell to his family, his wife said to him “ Ivan, do not go to the fair. I have had a bad dream about you. I dreamt you returned from the fair, and when you took off your cap, I saw that you hair was grey.

    9.  Which word describes Aksionov as a person when he was young?

    b. Drunkard

    a. Responsible

    d. Honest

    c. Melancholic      

  • Q10

    10. What do you think is the meaning of the “greyhair”?

    a. Aksionov will come back in his old age.

    d. He will not see his wife anymore.

    b. He will meet a misfortune in his journey.

    c. His merchandize will not be sold

  • Q11

    11. If you were Aksionov, will you still go to the fair?

    b. I will not go to the fair because my wife knows best.

    c. I will go to another place instead.

    a. I will go to the fair as planned.

    d. I will not go to the fair because the dream maybe a sign of misfortune

  • Q12

    12. Which of the following statements is best anticlimactic example?

    a. The height of the narrative arc which resolves everything in a tragic way.

    b. A turning point in the narrative that is unsatisfying and disappointing to the reader.

    c.  An unfortunate turn of events that saddens the protagonist.

    d. The motivation in a narrative

  • Q13

    13. Which of the following scenarios is an example of anticlimactic?

    c. There is creepy music playing and the protagonist inches towards a cellar door where he hears strange noises. When he opens it, a cat walks out. Nothing else is here.

    b. After months of struggling, an underdog team playstheir rivals in a championship and heroically win in the final seconds of thegame

    d. A woman is about to get married. As she puts on her veil, she remembers her fiancé three years before, swearing he would make her his wife someday

    a. The man and woman who are clearly meant for each other but haven’t realized their feelings until the end of the movie.

  • Q14

    14. Padre Damaso, a Franciscan Spanish priest supposed to be the personification of Christianism had committed abuses such as ordering the exhumation and transfer of Don Rafael’s body to the Chinese cemetery. In the later part of the novel, it was revealed that he abused Dona Pia Alba, making him the father of Maria Clara. What approach will you use to develop a literary criticism for these details?

    a. Moralist

    b. Feminist            

    c. Marxist             

    d. Formalist

  • Q15

    15. Which of the following is not included in the analysis using the Marxist approach?

    c. author’s idea about the prevailing social issue like oppression

    d. social classes that constitute the setting of the story (their importance and role to run the plot and in injecting ideas)

    a. author’s message on the issue or problem whether stated directly through characters or merely implied

    b. author’s style of writing using literary devices


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