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  • Q1
    Which statement best describes a situation in which opposite quantities combine to make 0?
    A scuba diver swam to a location 25 feet below sea level, then she swam 8 feet deeper.
    A farmer mowed 5 inches off his grass one week, then it grew 4 inches the next week.
    A hot air balloon used propane to fly 50 feet higher, then used weights to fly 50 feet lower.
    A child grew 1.5 inches taller one year, then 1.5 inches taller the next year.
  • Q2
    The number line shows the temperature drop over a two-hour time period. By how much does the temperature have to increase to return to 0°F?
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  • Q3
    In the middle of the afternoon, the temperature outside was 0 °F. An hour later, the temperature had decreased by 12 °F. An hour after that, the temperature had decreased by another 4 °F. What increase in temperature is needed to return to the original temperature of 0 °F?
    4 °F
    12 °F
    16 °F
    8 °F
  • Q4
    Jaime hiked for 3 days across an island. He started at the shoreline, which is at an elevation of 0 feet. At the end of day 1, Jaime had gained 2,150 feet in elevation. At the end of day 2, he had gained an additional 1,970 feet in elevation. On day 3, Jaime hiked down to the shoreline on the other side of the island, which is also at an elevation of 0 feet. How many feet in elevation did he lose on day 3?
  • Q5
    Kareem has a total of $123 saved. Which situations will result in Kareem having no money left in savings?
    Kareem saves an additional $19 and then spends $142 of his savings.
    Kareem saves an additional $123.
    Kareem spends $50 of his savings and then spends an additional $56 of his savings.
    Kareem spends $100 of his savings and then saves an additional $23.

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