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Are Televised Presidential Debates Necessary?

Quiz by Heather Davis

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  • Q1
    The author's main purpose in paragraph 1 is to-
    introduce an idea she is going to refute
    clearly state her position on televised debates
    show that televised debates are exciting
    explain the process of preparing for debates
  • Q2
    Which of these statements is an example of faulty reasoning?
    The debates themselves drew large television audiences. People plan parties around the debates.
    During the debate, Kennedy looked tan and fit (and handsome).
    There were far fewer ways for the American public to get information about the candidates.
    After all, Nixon was experienced, Kennedy was not, and experience always wins out.
  • Q3
    Read the dictionary entry- STAND \stand\ v. 1. To be upright; 2. to seek election n. 3. position or viewpoint; 4. a piece of furniture Which meaning best fits the way stand is used in paragraph one?
    Meaning 2
    Meaning 1
    Meaning 4
    Meaning 3
  • Q4
    In paragraph 5, the writer compares televised debates to boxing matches and reality show contests to-
    indicate that both candidates must be fit and well prepared
    suggest that the debates provide more entertainment than information
    show that the best candidate wins
    show that the outcome determines the winner of the election
  • Q5
    The writer's main purpose for including paragraph 7 is to -
    describe the difference between the 1960s and today
    suggest that people in the 1960s weren't interested in the news
    prove that people today have better technology than in the 1960s
    show that televised debates were more necessary in the 1960s than today
  • Q6
    In all of the statements below, the author tries to create a negative impression of people who don't agree with her position except-
    IF you are looking for substance, televisions debates won't help you.
    Social media is abuzz with silly comments about who won, or lost, and why
    Unlike those who care about these things, I have a serious purpose
    People look for the zingers the candidates toss at each other, and these zingers become sound bites that they repeat ad nauseum
  • Q7
    The writer uses all of these points to support her position except-
    televised debates are more about appearances than facts and details
    voters should judge candidates by how much experience they have
    people shouldn't be looking for the winner of a contest but for the person who would make the best president
    today, we have many ways available for getting information about the candidates

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