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EAPP - Short Quiz on Thesis Statement (2 points each)

Quiz by Aileen Saranillo

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  • Q1

    What is a thesis statement?

    A general idea of what the essay is about

    A statement that explains the main idea of an essay

    A suggestion that you should read the essay

    A summary of the main idea

  • Q2

    The thesis statement should express a main idea that links to supporting points.



  • Q3

    The thesis statement should include your opinion on the on the points your are analyzing.



  • Q4

    Which one is a good thesis statement?

    "Whatever you are, be a good one." Abe Lincoln

    Marijuana can be used as medicine.

    Always do your homework before watching TV 

    Marijuana should not be legalized because it is harmful to your health, will increase crime, & create more drug addicts.

  • Q5

    Where should a thesis statement appear?

    first paragraph

    anywhere in the essay

    last paragraph

    the first sentence of every paragraph


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