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Chapter 8 Quiz: Promoting Comprehension: Reader Factors

Quiz by Alfredo Vanillawafers

Grade 3
ELAR (2009)
Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)

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11 questions
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  • Q1
    Comprehension is a complicated process which begins:
    when teachers ask post-reading questions
    when students discuss their reading with a peer
    during reading as students connect words and ideas
    During pre-reading as students activate background knowledge
  • Q2
    Research suggests that comprehension results when there is successful interaction of:
    phonics and background knowledge
    phonics and word recognition
    vision and cognition
    the reader and the text
  • Q3
    Teachers can best model comprehension strategies by:
    adding words to the classroom word wall
    encouraging students to read with a partner
    thinking aloud
    inviting the principal to speak to the class
  • Q4
    Students use the evaluating strategy:
    only when they are selecting a text to read
    when they meet with the teacher
    only when they have finished reading a text
    throughout the reading process
  • Q5
    Teachers can help their students become more fluent readers by providing:
    graphic organizers
    many opportunities for repeated readings
    seating at the front of the classroom
    daily periods of round-robin reading
  • Q6
    The best way to help students apply comprehension strategies is to provide time for them to:
    add interesting words to the wall
    read expository texts in basal readers
    view and discuss films with classmates
    read interesting books at their reading level
  • Q7
    In a close reading activity. a teacher will most likely use:
    text-dependent questions
    critical response questions
    vocabulary-dependent questions
    inferential questions
  • Q8
    Of the following, the instructional procedure which offers students the most opportunities to make choice is:
    reading workshop
    guided reading
    the thematic unit
    the basal reading program
  • Q9
    Of the following, the instructional material that would best help students summarize a text is a(n):
    miscue analysis
    Elkonin box
    word chain
    Graphic organizer
  • Q10
    Fluent readers tend to have better comprehension primarily because they:
    Do not have to stop reading to decode words
    are more interested in books
    have better speaking ability
    do not monitor their reading
  • Q11
    Capable writers usually:
    focus upon mechanical correctness rather than meaning
    Vary their writing to fit their purposes and audiences
    write expository texts rather than narrative texts
    neglect to monitor their writing

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