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General RC Refresher May 2024!

Quiz by Carolyn Wood

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  • Q1

    8 year old child who has concerns for hyperactivity and paying attention in school. Mom is interested in an evaluation for ADHD and is indifferent to counseling, but stated she was interested in med management if kiddo is diagnosed. Mom denied any significant safety or behavioral concerns and stated that there are no concerns for ASD at this time. Where should we route?

    Level 4 Psychiatry

    Level 4 DBP

    Level 4 OP Therapy

    Level 4 CDC DI

  • Q2

    Dad is calling in and looking for a Developmental Behavioral Pediatrician for his son that is diagnosed with Autism. He mentioned that is wanting a pediatrician that specializes in ASD. What are your next steps?


    Transfer Dad to DBP

    Refer Dad to outside organizations such as the Board of DD, who could help link Dad with appropriate resources. 

    Complete full triage and route to CDC 

  • Q3

    5 year old girl that has been diagnosed with autism and no other known behavioral concerns at this time. The referral is requesting an ADHD evaluation and parents expressed interest in medication management following a diagnosis. What would be the most appropriate service? 

    CDC Psych

    CDC Med Management 

    General Psychiatry


  • Q4

    Please select the appropriate criteria for Complex ASD Psychiatry:

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  • Q5

    Please select the appropriate criteria for CDC Med Management: 

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  • Q6

    Mom shares during triage that her daughter has experienced trauma, but does not wish to discuss what took place and is not interested in trauma focused therapy. This triage does not need to be sensitized. 

    True or False
  • Q7

    Mom completes triage and does disclose that pt observed a few DV incidents between her and her boyfriend a couple months ago and stated that she would be open to trauma focused therapy. Mom says that she is no longer with this boyfriend and he is not listed as a LG or on the patient's chart at all. List the steps in order for sensitizing triage.

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  • Q8

    What all is a Power of Attorney able to do?

    B. Complete intake, but do not update reg

    A, C, and D

    C. Schedule appointments

    D. Bring patient to appointments

    A. Update reg and complete intake

    only A and C

  • Q9

    Grandma calls in and is requesting to schedule an appointment for an IY DA. We check the patient contacts and Grandma has a Helping Hands form on file. We can schedule the appointment with Grandma and she is able to attend the DA with the patient.

    True or False
  • Q10

    LG is calling from Indiana and is requesting BH services through us for her 9 year old son. She expressed an interest in psychiatry services and stated that she would be willing to drive to appointments. What would your next steps be?

    Complete full triage and route referral for General Psychiatry (if there are no safety concerns)

    Provide outside resources and explain that we are unable to see out of state patients.

    Complete triage and route for a CDC DI


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