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Gorenje Product Quiz

Quiz by Phillip Ninsiima

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  • Q1

    What type of compressor does gorenje premiumRefrigerators use?

    On and Off Compressor

    Linear Compressor

    None of the Above

    Inverter Compressor

  • Q2

    What type of plumbing system do our gorenje water dispenser Cross door series use?


    Non Plumbed System

    Water Tank

    Plumbed system

  • Q3

    What is the type of technology used in our side by side Refrigerator that helps to maintain food remains fresh?

    Multi Air flow

    All Round Cooling

    Digital Inverter

    Single Cooling

  • Q4

    What sensors does our inverter use to determine what RPM to use in order to achieve required cooling in our fridges?

    Door Sensor

    All the above

    Temperature Sensor

    Humidity Sensor

  • Q5

    What are the benefits of using an inverter compressor refrigerators?

    Precise cooling

    Energy efficiency

    All the above

    Less noise

  • Q6

    What does the term 'load capacity' refer to in washing machines?

    The amount of clothes it can wash at one time

    The speed of the spin cycle

    The energy consumption

    The amount of water it uses

  • Q7

    What is a common feature found in modern washing machines that helps save water and energy?

    Delay Start

    Extra Rinse

    Eco Mode

    Quick Wash

  • Q8

    Front-load washing machines are generally more energy-efficient than top-load washing machines.



  • Q9

    1.      What is the purpose of the spin cycle in awashing machine?

    To soak the clothes

    To wash the clothes

    To rinse the clothes

    To dry the clothes by removing excess water

  • Q10

    What should you regularly clean in your washing machine to maintain its performance?

    The detergent drawer

    The drum

    The filter

    The door


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