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Midterm Review: Multiple Intelligences and Classroom Management

Quiz by Latoya Lewis

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11 questions
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  • Q1
    This student thinks in words and uses language to express and understand complex meanings. They have a sensitivity to the meaning of words as well as the order of words, their sounds, rhythms, and inflections
    Verbal Linguistic
  • Q2
    This student thinks in terms cause and effect relationships and understands relationships among actions, objects, or ideas. They are able to calculate, quantify, consider propositions, and perform complex mathematical or logical operations. They have superior inductive and deductive reasoning skills, as well as critical and creative problem-solving
    Logical Mathematical
  • Q3
    This student thinks in sounds, rhythms, melodies, and rhymes. They may be sensitive to pitch, rhythm, timbre, and tone, and are able to recognize, create, and reproduce music by using an instrument or the voice
  • Q4
    This student thinks in movements and is able to use the body in skilled and complicated ways for expressive as well as goal-directed activities. They have a sense of timing and coordination
    Bodily Kinesthetic
  • Q5
    These students can think about and understand another person; they have empathy and recognize distinctions among people and appreciate their perspectives with a sensitivity to their motives, moods, and intentions. They

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