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"Playground Problems" Quiz 1

Quiz by Lakisha Goffney

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6 questions
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  • Q1
    What is the message of the play "Playground Problems"?
    Never give up and always stand for what you believe in.
    People should never forget things.
    It is important to not lie to your friends.
    Friends should compromise with each other when there are disagreements.
  • Q2
    What effect does Ms. Aspen have on the plot of the story?
    Ms. Aspen encourages the two friends to continue to quarrel or argue until one of them wins.
    Ms. Aspen decides to leave the two friends alone and let them figure things out for themselves.
    Ms. Aspen is able to see the two friends quarreling and decides to help them find a solution to their problem.
    Ms. Aspen is responsible for the recess schedule.
  • Q3
    1 SUCHITA: I’m so excited about recess! The sun is shining, and it’s a perfect day to play monkey bar tag. It’s my favorite—running with the wind, trying to be as fast as you can. It’s the best! 2 LAVANI: (stops suddenly) We aren’t playing monkey bar tag today. Remember, you promised last week that this week we’d play on the swings. That was our deal. It’s the perfect day for swinging. There’s nothing like flying through the blue sky when the sun is shining. We talked about this, remember? You agreed! (What can the reader tell about Lavani based on these details?)
    She believes you should not break a promise.
    She cannot wait to tell on her friend.
    She is always ready to argue with anyone.
    She will do whatever her friends choose to do.
  • Q4
    What event causes Suchita to consider that maybe she did agree with Lavani last week and could possibly be wrong?
    During the resolution of the play when the girls come up with a plan to take turns picking what they will do at recess every week.
    In the exposition of the play when Lavani and Suchita talk about what to do during recess in the beginning of scene 1.
    When Ms. Aspen asked her, " Is it possible that you forgot making the promise?"
    When Lavani walked away from her right after their disagreement.
  • Q5
    How can the reader tell that going to recess is an important event for Lavani and Suchita?
    When they began to quarrel about what they should do during recess.
    When Lavani believes she is being accused of being a liar.
    Lavani and Suchita decide to keep a list and take turns picking what they will do at recess every week.
    When Ms. Aspen reminds them that they are very close friends.
  • Q6
    Ms. Aspen most likely thinks that ......
    Lavani and Suchita should no longer be friends.
    Both friends can work it out on their own with help from other students.
    Teachers should not help students solve their problems.
    Lavani and Suchita can work out their differences and will not end their friendship.

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